West Sacramento Community Singers

I was very fortunate to work with the glorious singers of the WSCS for 12 years, from 2010 to 2022.  Our primary and most rewarding audiences were elderly care centers, but we also provided excellent entertainment to people in other venues, most notably the California state Capitol Rotunda.  For many years in late December, we were welcomed there with our exciting concerts, and I consider those among my most favorite moments with the WSCS singers. 

In all my years of working with singers, I have never met a more music-loving, engaged, and motivated group of performers than the people I worked with in the WSCS.  As you may or may not know, we performed all our music without accompaniment, and more amazingly, from memory!  This requires a special level of commitment, and every year I was enchanted with the remarkable musicality the WSCS singers produced – simply amazing what we all accomplished! 

My heartfelt wishes go out to all WSCS singers with whom I have shared exciting performances – may you continue singing as long as you can!

With fondest memories,


 2010 original group with Galina Kistanova

2013 River Cats national anthem

4 members in this photo have passed away: Andy Flett (2018), Asa Whetstone (2019), Marvin Fisher (2020), Wayne Finley (2021). Photo taken in 2013.

2014 First Christian church. 

2015 Capitol Rotunda



2017 again (same day as previous photo)